Omnipotent Me


From March to August 2007, I did a bi-weekly strip called Omnipotent Me.  I loved doing this strip.  It started off rough but, upon re-reading it, I can see it smooth out. It was a lot of fun and I remember that the more I did the strip, the easier the ideas seem to come.  Unfortunately, I also got laid off of my job early in the year, while in August I became self-employed full time.  Something had to be sacrificed in order for me to work as much as I did, and it ended up being the strip. In fact, you can tell from the last few strips I was trying to keep up with my publishing schedule by just getting something onto paper, no matter how haphazard the idea.

I want to return to the strip someday.  While the characters were certainly based on people I know, I knew that eventually they would take on lives of their own.  One day I’ll bring them back to life.  Until then, enjoy this original run of Omnipotent Me