Max Hades

July 2004, July 2005

Max Hades is an every-genre fantasy story about a man’s life and his dealings with power, addiction, responsibility, love, and things as trivial as a leftover enchilada.

Our story starts with Max, who can die… and live… at will.

This is Max Hades, v1.0. Presented here are the first two chapters of the first drafts of a finite, yet epic, ongoing graphic novel. This is story I hope to revisit someday, and is part of a much larger world, a much larger concept. When the time comes, chances are I’ll start fresh, but at the very least I’d like to finish telling Max’s “first” story.

You may even be able to buy prints of Max Hades if they’re still available at Mile High Comics.

*Recommended for mature audiences.

Mac Hades, ch1 Book One: Bounties
Chapter One: For Elena


Max Hades, ch2 Book One: Bounties
Chapter Two: Conversations


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