Jack Nada

2004, 2005

The touching story of 3 young men, out to find their place in life, who they are, and the perfect singer for their band! Women, rockin’, and heroics combine to form Jack Nada – A web comic, for the ages!

This was one of those things a few friends got together to do just because it was fun.

Written by Kevin Waite, illustrated and edited by Phillip Ginn, colors by David Honigschmidt (April-June 2004) and Phillip Ginn (“The Sister Saga”).

Recommended for ages 16 and up for subject matter… potty humor abound!

Jack Nada, “The Sister Saga”
Kevin Waite thought it’d be really funny to be really sick. This was fun to put together.


All Jack Nada comics and characters are copyright 2004 by Kevin Waite and Phillip Ginn. The Jack Nada logo, all Jack Nada characters, and all artwork are trademarks of Kevin Waite and Phillip Ginn. Any likeness to any persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental or are used for parody.